Here Then Gone

August 4 – 31, 2015

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Inside-Out Gallery at CVS, 1 Davis Square, Somerville, MA
On view 24/7
Inside-Out is sponsored by the Somerville Arts Council

Featuring photographs by:
Lois Fiore
Hilary Hughes
Rachel Mello
Judith Prager
Doug Richardson
Kat Rosaen

“Here Then Gone” features photographs that comment on the temporality of existence and of the medium of photography itself. Images range from abstractions to street photographs, from vivid color to moody black and white.

Curated by Gary Duehr, Director, the Floating Gallery.
The Floating Gallery mounts exhibitions in temporary, alternative spaces.

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Lois Fiore

Lois Fiore: “Shadows 1,” 2014, $45

Lois Fiore: “Shadows 3,” 2014, $45

Lois Fiore: Statement
I rarely stop to take a photograph. I walk with my digital camera on, looking at the screen. When something catches my eye – a light, a shadow, the angle of a building – I keep walking and take the photo. That means it might be blurred, crooked, askew. If I do stop to frame the photo, I have a three-second rule: if I don’t take the photo in three seconds, then I have to move on.

My interest is in what I can catch between the photos, or around or behind or inside the scene (or seen). What can I catch in a photo that I wouldn’t get if I stopped, looked, and carefully framed the photo? I want to see what’s not there, what’s hiding just beyond my—or the camera’s—eye.

Lois Fiore: Bio
Fiore has been showing her work in the Boston area for over 30 years. Working with oils and pastels, her work varies from figures and portraits to abstracts and still life. She also takes photographs. Fiore lives and works at the Brickbottom Artist Building.

For two years she participated in a group show of Brickbottom artists at WBUR in Boston. She had a one-woman show at the Harvard Neighbors Gallery at Harvard University and, in 1996, helped organize and had a piece in “Track Five,” an unusual show hung in the hallway of the fifth floor of the Brickbottom Artist Building. In 1997, Fiore had a one-woman show at Johnny D’s restaurant and music club in Davis Square, Somerville. She also participates in group shows at the Brickbottom Gallery.

Fiore studied at the Art Institute of Boston, Mass. College of Art, the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, Roseland Center for Art-Making, and in private classes. Traveling in Italy over the past 20 years has also been a factor in her development. She has a B.A. from Southern Connecticut State University and an M.A. from Columbia University.

Hilary Hughes

Hilary Hughes: “Comer,” 2014, $50

Hilary Hughes: “Drip Into Dreams,” 2015, $50

Hilary Hughes
Hilary Hughes is a photographer based in Somerville, MA. From street to wild landscapes, she describes her work as a hunt though the lens.

Rachel Mello

Rachel Mello: “Memorial,” 2015, $150

Rachel Mello: “Sarma,” 2015, $150

Rachel Mello
These images were all created with my p-Sharan paper pinhole kit camera,
shot on 35mm Fuji Film. Since building my first pinhole camera and taking
my first shots, I have fallen in love with this medium. I especially
appreciate the way the camera becomes a collaborator in the process, and
the final outcome is not exactly knowable until the roll is developed. Of course the wait-and-see of the processing delay was what all photography was to me when I was growing up. I’m enjoying coming back to that now in the age of digital. It’s interesting to me how the very quality of pinhole photography evokes a quality of memory and dream.

Judith Prager

Judith Prager: “In the Studio,” 2015, $150

Judith Prager: Statement
This photo, “In The Studio,”  expresses what you might see out of the corner of your eye as you turn your head. The image emphasizes movement, color, light, composition and mystery, the same elements Prager focuses on in her paintings.

Judith Prager: Bio
Judith Prager is a Somerville artist who exhibits her vivid and dynamic abstracts, still life, landscapes, and figurative work in the Boston area and throughout the US.  Some recent shows include the Nave Annex Gallery, the Chandler Gallery of the Maud Morgan Center, the Fitchburg Museum, the Thorne-Sagendorf Gallery, the Bromfield Gallery, the Cambridge Art and Concord Art Associations, the Art Connection,  and the Somerville Open Studios. She is a graduate of Mass. Art and Vassar College. Her paintings are in many private collections throughout the United States and abroad.

Doug Richardson

Doug Richardson: “Ominous Sky,” 2014, $150

Doug Richardson
Richardson lives and works in Gloucester, MA.

Kat Rosaen

Kat Rosaen: “Fading,” 2014, $375

Kat Rosaen
Photography became a passion of mine at a very young age; I grew up around artists and wanted nothing more than to be like them. My greatest influences were not the larger-than-life famous artists, they were simply the people closest to me. I pursued art intensely in high school and college, graduating from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor’s of Science in the Arts with a concentration in photography. There I learned how to manipulate darkroom prints and find a deeper respect for those who created art before us. Due to my great grandmother and my mentor instructing me about art, I want nothing more than to impact people with my work. If a single person reacts to my work, I believe I am doing my job as an artist.


Here Then Gone

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